Thursday, 6 April 2017

Construction begins....exciting, scary or fun?

The commencement of construction is a huge milestone for home owners.  You have invested hours over several months in working with your architect, who has designed the home of your dreams, be it a renovation of your existing home or creating something new.  

Pinterest and Houzz have become your obsession in finding the style, which reflects your personality.

You may have visited suppliers, searching for the perfect bath, kitchen mixer, toilet and shower rose, or you have left this leg work in the hands of your architect and absolutely love the tiles, vanity, bench top and flooring proposed.

Then with the help of your architect, you have selected your builder, a tricky prospect as there are so many things to consider; price, personality, timing and ability to get the job done.

Finance is the next step, sealing the deal with your bank to finance the project, signing contracts and your architect suddenly has a building permit in hand.

This means construction…it means packing up and often moving out, if renovating.  There’s lots of emotion around this time…excitement, mixed with a tinge of anxiety, it is a huge commitment.  You may be renting or looking at having to share with family (and this has a whole emotional energy of its own).

Finally, after many months the day arrives, the builders move in, temporary fencing goes up, the porta-loo is in place and demolition crew hits the site hard.

This is exactly where our gorgeous Surrey Hills clients found themselves at the beginning of March.  Racing to finish packing up and relocating to temporary accommodation to make way for their builder.
Then the builder sent the first picture of demolition…

The clients commented “WOW”.

We commented “Exciting…but scary”.

You see, we are as invested in this project as our clients!  We have also renovated homes and understand the roller coaster of emotions as the walls come down to make way for progress.  It can be a technicolour mixture!

Luckily our fantastic builder on this job responded “Never scary….Always fun!”

And that puts us all at ease, as do his regular progress pictures.  Our clients are in great hands and we will take this journey with them to ensure a smooth a sailing as possible.
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Photos and construction - Area Projects Pty Ltd