Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Will Street - Weeks Six and Seven

Demolition complete …… and the clients get their hands dirty !

With the asbestos now gone, things at the Will Street project could get moving once again.

The events that occurred during the sixth week of construction had been eagerly anticipated since the start of the work, for two main reasons.  Firstly because the demolition of the back wall of the house (which was always scheduled to be the last thing to go for both security and weatherproofing reasons) signalled the last of the demolition work and the beginning of the new wall framing meeting the old, and secondly because the clients had elected to save some money and clean off the bricks which were removed from the wall, themselves; stacking them ready for re-use in the extension.

I must say that seeing the whole wall come out is pretty exciting, as now the new wall and roof framing can be located into position and things will really take shape very quickly.  But, back to the bricks ….

So once the bricks were out, Lyndell and Andrew hired a brick cleaning machine (an awful lot better than chiselling mortar off the bricks by hand) and spent some quality time on the weekend together cleaning bricks ! Seven hundred or so of them to be precise !  Not very romantic, but cleaning their own bricks and re-using them not only saved them hundreds of dollars in buying new bricks, but has also saved them on tipping fees.

In fact re-using materials when renovating is not only a great way to not only blend old with new, but helps to keep building waste out of landfill.  So when doing an extension, think of all the ways that fixtures, fittings and materials can be reused or sold rather than just throwing them away.

Many people choose to buy secondhand kitchen and bathroom joinery, doors, sanitary fixtures and appliances  when renovating– just check out the all the secondhand building materials listed on ebay -

This week, week seven , wall framing is now going into place with roof trusses to arrive on site at the end of the week for installation during week eight.

The installation of the kitchen has now been locked in for the week of the 19th December – so hopefully by then, we will have a ‘kitchen like space’ for the kitchen to be installed into. 

Stay tuned for the next existing post – and thanks for reading so far !

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