Friday, 23 December 2011

Will St - Weeks Eleven and Twelve

Heading for lock up !

To say that work at Will Street is continuing at a good pace is a little bit of an understatement …. In fact, the plasterers have now been sent home because there is no space for them on site to be doing their job !  Thank God most of the plaster is already up, but this will mean that they will have to sand their joints after Christmas, which also means that Lyndell and Andrew, the owners, will have to wait until after that to get the first coats of paint on.  Luckily for them, there are a million other things for them to do in the meantime – like painting and staining the exterior and painting doors and windows.  It is sure to be an incredibly exhausting and rewarding time for them.

So the score at the end of the year is as follows ….

·         Internal walls constructed and plastered – check

·         Kitchen cabinets installed – check

·         Deck built – check

·         All external cladding complete – check

·         All roofing material on – check

·         All doors and windows installed – check

All in all, it has been a very positive couple of weeks, with lots and lots of visible progress, as opposed to the boring kind like setting out and preparation.  In fact, after Christmas we only really have tiling and the installation of fixtures and fittings in the bathrooms and laundry and wardrobes to go, which is pretty exciting.

I did however break my two golden rules on this project, and as bad luck would have it, they have both come back to bite me.  So I bet you want to know what my golden rule s are.  Well, one is slightly convoluted, but here goes – “where possible, try to avoid designing anything that has to fit perfectly within something else” and two, “never rely on someone else’s measurements”.  In this case the two rules have combined together to create a few headaches on site, serving as a stark reminder of why I have golden rules in the first place.

In reality, we have been both lucky and in extremely good hands with the builders on this project, both of which make life much, much easier when building.

So, with Christmas fast approaching, I hope you have all enjoyed the ups and downs of the progress of the Will Street renovation.  I thank you very kindly for your interest and support.  Detail 9 are planning some big things for 2012 and have some great ongoing projects which we’d love to keep showing you, as well as some brand newies lined up. 

Be kind to your families and have yourselves a happy and safe Christmas / New Year period.  We can’t wait to give you the next instalment of this project, and introduce you to some new ones on the go. 

Best Wishes, Rachel

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