Monday, 16 January 2012

Tourello Street - Week One

New beginnings

Welcome to the Tourello St project.  I guess a little background is in order before we start. 

Abby and Sam came to me with a fairly standard requirement – more space.  There was only one problem, they needed it right now !! 

Abby is pregnant with the couple’s second child and so we needed to design, document and build a new staircase, upstairs bedroom, bathroom and new bedroom in less than 9 months.  A pretty tall order, but hopefully achievable, even if we are all hoping that this baby breaks a few world records in lateness !!

Thankfully, they pretty much knew what they wanted when they came to us, it was really just a matter of helping them to make it happen.  The old staircase, which was ugly and just a little dangerous, needed replacing, but as it wasn’t built to code in the first place, it turned out that it couldn’t just be replaced, well not in the same place as where it had been.  So really, moving the staircase and relocating it entirely, was the perfect opportunity to do the extension that had been up their sleeve for a while now.

After working through a few alternative designs, and then preparing working drawings, building is now underway.  And Gene and the boys are ripping into it like men with a deadline do !

The first step was to demolish the existing staircase and the old fireplace in the lounge room, which had never been used, and remove a wall between the kitchen / dining and living areas. 

Next week, the external wall comes off upstairs to allow the new staircase and additional rooms to be built.

Stay tuned, this project is turning out to be a race against time !

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